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Privacy Policy and Security Policy.
Changing Opt-In/Opt-Out Status.
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A confirmation email will be sent to you containing the following information:

- a brief description of the tour
- tour date
- tour time
- tour starting location
- contact information
- requirements
- link to our safety video (you must see this video prior to arrival)

If the tour includes visiting other business or venues, please do NOT contact the business for questions about the tour, please contact us at (925) 337-6323.

For security and to fraud protection, we will ask a photo ID that matches the original credit card used for payment. We will also ask for a photo ID that matches the required liability waiver. Segway PT rider instruction and tours are conducted in English. Segway PT Training videos and guest waivers are available in English only, and we required for you to read and agree that you understand the document contents.

Courtesy reminder for tours:

We will do our best to remind you about your upcoming tour or event. However is your responsibility to be at the designated tour location on the correct date and time, we are not responsible for emails, voice-mails or text not delivered or lost in transit. Please check your confirmation and don't hesitate to contact us for questions or clarifications. Our cancellation policy applies and we won't issue any refunds for no-shows.

Changes to Your Reservation:

Please call us directly at (925) 548-2989 for any changes related to your reservation.

Please be aware that we DO NOT accept cancellations via text, email, social-media or other electronic means of communication. We will only accept cancellations in person, via phone, or when you leave a message indicating the time of your call.

To avoid any cancellation fees, please call us at least 72 hours prior to the tour date. We have a limited amount of Segway PT's for tour use. No Shows are charged in full. The deposit WILL NOT be refunded for any reason and booking time and/or cannot be changed within 72 hours of your scheduled tour.

Gift certificates are not refundable and have no cash value.


Segway PT rider instruction and tours are conducted in English. Segway PT Training videos and guest waivers are available in English only and we required for you to read and agree that you understand the document contents.

Third Party Links:

We may redirect you to a third party website to complete purchases, process credit card payments and to create a booking transactions. All their terms and conditions apply. This site contains links to other sites use of such sites is subject to their applicable terms of use and privacy policies.

Privacy Policy and Security Policy:

We may collect and process some or all the information you provide us (i.e. name, address, email, type of device, browser, times and dates, etc., etc.) to contact you from time to time with offers or information and some of our products or to review the form our website is being used by our visitors. If you wish to opt-out, please contact us and let us know so that we discontinue any further communication of that nature.

Google Analytics data is shared with Google. For more information on Google's Privacy Policies,

Changing Opt-In/Opt-Out Status:

You may choose to opt-in or opt-out by sending us an email to indicating "please remove" or "please add".

Shipping Hazardous Materials:

For additional shipping details, please check our Shipping, Refunds and Return Policy:

• Please contact us immediately if you need to make changes to your order at (925) 337-6323.

• For your own protection, you may cancel your shipping instructions only with evidence of residence. We do not ship outside the continental US.

• Livermore Tour Co. LLC, is certified to handle Hazardous Materials. Some of the batteries for transporters are controlled by the Department of Transportation and require special handling. Please let us know if you are planning to ship any Product once received. For more information please visit the US Department of Transportation website. IMPORTANT: Do not ship batteries or hazardous materials unless you are using a HazMat certified business, make sure to mention that to your carrier, or you can incur severe penalties and consequences.

Refund Policy:

When applicable we will refund customers for their tour purchase or product, however please review the corresponding policy to see if any fees apply.

Payments with a credit card will be refunded back to the original credit card, please allow 2-5 business day for processing. Payments made via check, will be refunded with a Livermore Tour Company check, please allow 2-5 business days for processing. Payments made in cash, money order, or cashier check will be paid back in cash only when the original receipt is presented.

Did you purchased a product or accessory? Please review our Shipping, Refunds and Return Policy.

How to contact us: 

You may contact us by any of the following:

By mail
Livermore Tour Co. LLC
AKA/DBA Segway of Livermore
2255 Fourth Street, Ste B
Livermore, CA 94550

By Email:

By Phone:
(925) 337-6323

Liability disclaimer:  
Every effort has been made to create accurate information about our products, services, policies, terms, conditions, and general content of this website. However this website may have typos, racinesses, in such case we encourage all users to notify us your concerns or questions as soon as possible, so that we can review the content and clarify or correct the website content. In no event shall Livermore Tour Co. LLC and/or any of our suppliers or partners may be liable for any incidental, punitive, direct, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with the use of this Web site; or for any information provided about products and/or services obtained through this Web site.

Livermore Tour Co. LLC, reserves the right to change terms, conditions, privacy policy, safety policy, refund policy and return policy at anytime without notice.

Use of this Web site constitutes your agreement to all our terms and conditions. You may not use this website for any purpose that is unlawful and only use it according to our terms and conditions.

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